Monday, July 27, 2009

The Best 19 Years Ever!!!

On July 27th, John and I shared our 19th Wedding Anniversary. Somedays I wonder where all that time has gone and other times it seems like it has already been eternity. We were able to leave straight from my parents and drive down to Mesquite to spend the night and both have massages. It was John's very first massage and he had quite the chatty little guy who was very into homeopathic healing and basically never shut up the whole time he was being massaged. I had a great gal who asked if there was anything in particular that I wanted her to focus on and she did a good job. It was nice to get away and talk about the last 19 years. It was actually quite funny because while we were driving I asked John if he only had one word to describe these last 19 years what would it be? He thought about it and kept saying he had more than one but I told him it could only be ONE word. He finally said, "WONDERFUL." Well of course me and my sick mind went to all those places that hadn't been so wonderful, but after thinking about it-- they BECAME wonderful because we worked through them TOGETHER--just don't ask me to do it again. He then asked me my word and I said "INTERESTING." Well of course, John takes that in the negative way and I am thinking that it has been a very interesting ride full of love, happiness, growth, sadness, trials, and adjusting--but again we did it TOGETHER. That having been said, I can think of no other person that I would have rather have spent the last 19 years with. I love you Johnnie!!!! Happy 19th Anniversary Baby!!! Here's to ETERNITY!!!

At the Casa Blanca Pool in Mesquite...

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