Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fish Lake

This year was our 4th year in a row of going up to Fish Lake. We have grown from 2 families to 8 families, and it just keeps getting better. Here is a shot of our lovely campsite.

Our family spent a total of 5 days there, and it still wasn't enough for some (hint hint: Trevor and JJ). My favorite part of camping is just sitting, relaxing, reading and enjoying a good round of hand and foot. My boys on the other hand enjoy air soft wars, fishing, swimming, and exploring. This was the first year that they actually swam and we drove over to Capitol Reef and enjoyed some waterfalls and a swimming hole. Here is some the crew enjoying the cool off. (Gotta love that red dirt!)

Justin jumping off...

John was a real trooper and took Trevor and JJ fishing a couple of times. There were so many shots of them I just condensed them into few.

Thanks to many creative minds (me NOT inlcluded), the kids had plenty of things to keep them busy. They could choose from making bracelets or fruit loop necklaces, painting rocks, playing bingo, face painting, hula hooping (BIG HIT), playing card games, or playing cars and trucks for the boys and playing dolls and finger/toe painting for the girls. One of the families brought their cute little dog, Dodger, and he provided JJ with ample entertainment, he especially liked to walk the Dodger on the leash. Here is JJ hula hooping (if that is a word?)

Our shade tent and picnic tables came in pretty handy and here we are eating our yummy hamburgers. (Aren't we just the cutest?)

We created many fun memories with GOOD people. Fish Lake has become one of our very FAVORITE places to camp. We always camp in the Frying Pan campground. Major plus is the flushie toilets. There is no way to show all the pictures that I took so here is a collection of different shots.

Finally, we like to end our trip by taking family pictures in front of the "FRYING PAN CAMPGROUND" sign. (Those of you who received our Christmas picture will recall last year's camping trip picture.) I have tried to get all the families that were there. First and of course the best:

The Welburn's

The Ahlberg's

The Cardon's

The Shaffer's

The Neilson's

The Holt's (minus mom and dad)

The Hamblin's (and cute little Dodger)

and last but not least, The Haws's

We can't for next year!!!!

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