Monday, December 21, 2009


JJ turned 6 on the 20th of December. Wow--has it really been six years?? His birthday was on a Sunday so we decided to celebrate it on Saturday. The last day of school before the holidays was on the 18th, so his class celebrated his birthday that day--he took some Jolly Rancher Candy Canes to share with his class.

JJ with his School Class Birthday Crown...

In our family, we have birthday parties, when we are 5,8,12,16,and 18. So we spent Saturday as a family. JJ decided that he wanted to go bowling, so JJ got what he wanted. We had a fun time and Justin and John got their game on and ended up tieing each other in the 2nd round. JJ had a blast and that is what counts.

Check out all of our EXCELLENT bowling forms...

JJ holding his "green" bowling ball...

Mom and Dad with the Birthday Bowler...

The Happy Bowler...

That night we went to Mark Anthony's for dinner (thanks to coupons) and JJ chose pizza for his birthday dinner.
Everyone enjoying dinner...

On Sunday morning JJ woke up to the Traditional "dozen donuts" for breakfast. Had to think ahead and go and get them late Saturday night.

JJ with his donuts...

JJ then got to open his presents. He is way into Transformers and Super Heros. So he got the Bumblebee helmet and blaster and a Superhero Vidoe game.

JJ with his presents...

Of course we had cake and ice cream. JJ picked the confetti cake with the rainbow chip icing--YUMMY.

The Big 6 Year old with his cake...

Trevor, JJ, and Justin...

Mom, JJ, and Dad...

JJ we are so happy that you are a part of our family. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Rogers

We had a great time going down to Cedar City to spend Thanksgiving with Al,Norine,Bryce,Landon, and Taryn. John took Bryce, Justin, and Landon golfing (of course) Thanksgiving morning. I, on the other hand, stayed back and stressed and worked on a talk that I was asked to give in Church. I wasn't much help to Aunt Norine but she pulled off another great dinner. Trevor has dubbed her,"The Best Cook Ever."

Aunt Norine doing her thing...

The Boys watching a movie while waiting for "Tom" to get done...

Bryce catching up on some much needed sleep...

Uncle Al having a little snack...

John engrossed in "Catching Fire", notice how he has removed himself to the bedroom...

"Tom" in all his glory...isn't he beautiful?...

The Beautiful Table...

Dinner at its Finest...

Thank You Rogers Family for a wonderful Thanksgiving, we love you guys!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

JJ's Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program and Feast

Today was JJ's Thanksgiving Program and Feast. The whole class did a great job and they displayed their knowledge about the different continents and about Columbus and his discovery of America, and Plymouth and the Mayflower and the First Thanksgiving Feast. They all looked so "YUMMY" in their cute little costumes and had a great "Feast" at the end of the program. JJ was so excited for this and it was fun to watch. JJ has had a bad cold with the "croupy" cough and he stayed home yesterday and took his "Steroids" (to help him with his breathing) so he could make sure and attend his program. His eyes look a little "sad and tired" but he had a great day.

My "HANDSOME" Little Pilgrim:



Enjoying the Feast with his good friend Parker (who won't look at the camera):

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!" 11-0 Football Season

WOW, what a day!!!! The Riverton Purple Bantams did it again. An Awesome game to end an Awesome season. Today was the Championship game for Trevor's Little League Team. We played Alta, and in the regular season Riverton beat them by a touchdown. We knew Alta would come out with revenge on their minds, but in the end it was Riverton with a sweet victory of 14 -7 in OVERTIME!!! I do have to say that Alta came out HOT in the first half and we were a little concerned, this was the first time that we had be held to a scoreless half. During half time the clouds started rolling in and by the start of the third quarter, the clouds started reaking their havic (SNOW!!!) Riverton scored in the third quarter and tied the game. It was a hard fought battle by both sides and when the clock ran out in the 4th quarter, the game was sent into Overtime. In Little League rules, both teams get the ball on 10 yard line and get four downs to try and score. Riverton had the ball first and was able to run the ball in on the 3rd down and get the extra point. I really thought that Alta would score from that distance but the Riverton Boys had some great blocks and tackles and Alta had a 5 yard penalty for offsides. On 4th down, we knew Alta would come out with their "guns loaded" and go for a long pass. They did but the pass was INCOMPLETE and Riverton WINS!!!!!!!! We are so happy for Trevor and his little team, they have all worked hard. CONGRATULATIONS!

The Team Mom's made these posters for the boys and brought them over to hang on their front doors:

Trevor "graciously" posing with his poster before leaving for the game:

Dad giving his boy some much "wanted" advise:

The Coin Toss:

#88 doing his thing:

Scoring the extra point to tie the game (notice the delightful weather):

Celebrating the VICTORY and shaking hands with Alta:

The "coveted" Championship Ball:

One Last "Fired Up" with Parents and Coaches included:

The "TEAM":

One HAPPY Boy:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


OK, after this post, I am officially caught up on my blogging, for the moment at least. Halloween was very interesting this year. Justin and Trevor both had parties to go to and it was just JJ, John, and I, and we didn't have very many Trick or Treaters. We have had so many new houses go up around us, I guess the kids think that the BIGGER houses have bigger candy. Anyways, Justin took JJ out for about a hour and then went off to his party and I took Trevor to his party and John took JJ out for another go around. Then we just hung out and watched Football and waited until the boys returned, which wasn't until midnight. Good thing we have little JJ to still enjoy Halloween. JJ was the cutest Obi Wan Kenobi ever, and loved his glow in the dark light saber.

Strike a pose:

Bring It On Darth Vador:

Obi Wan and Big Brother:
Ready for Trick or Treating:

The Loot:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The UNDEFEATED "PURPLE BANTAM" Riverton Football Team

As you can tell, I have been a bit of a slacker in the blogging department because the whole football season has come and gone and not one football blogging moment has taken place. Trevor has been in football since the end of July. His team has had an outstanding year, they are undefeated with a record of 9 and 0!!!!! It has been a fun year with some really intense games. One was against Alta, and Grandpa Dave and Grandma Mary were there to see it and got to witness Trev lose his cookies. It was a HOT afternoon and a really physical game and Trev took a hit right to his gut and everything came out through his mouth, but the good news was that they won in the last few minutes of the game. Another intense game was against Olympus and both teams came into the game undeafted. Grandma Judy and Grandpa Dave got to see that one and Riverton pulled themselves together in the second half to gain another victory. The season has offically ended and Trevor has his first playoff game this Saturday at High Noon. Very Exciting Times for us. I put a collage together and a clip that shows Trevor to a T and how he is a major leader on this football team.

Trevor is #88:


I don't know where this enthusiam comes from, but it seems to serve him well, and he can be as loud as he wants on the football field. In fact, he was going to miss one game to go hunting with his Aunt Mandi and Uncle Curt, and we had one of the coaches call to ask us if there was anyway we could make it a win win situation (have him hunt and then pick him up for the game and then take him back to hunt after the game.) Well that wasn't going to be possible and unfortunately the decision was made for him because his aunt and uncle ended up with the swine flu. He is definately known by ALL!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Justin and the Riverton Golf Team

The Golf season is officially over!!!! I honestly have to say that I am relieved. I get really nervous for Justin because I know he wants to do well. The team had nine different tournaments and Justin's score was used several times. There were over 65 people who tried out for the team and they kept 16. Justin earned another letter this year, and had a great time with his teammates. Riverton High School is the largest High School in Utah, so Justin has a lot of competition and he handles it a lot better than I do. The team ended up ranked 11th in State and Justin was named to the Second All Region Team. He is already talking about next season and all the different ways he wants to prepare (help me). I am sure that John and Justin will be spending every chance they can on the courses. We have so many pictures of Justin that I just made small collage and included a video of him putting.

Justin doing his thing:

The 2009 Riverton Golf Team

I love this video because Justin has his cute little smile and then the little "Tiger Pump" at the end: