Friday, May 1, 2009

John's Big Surprise--"WICKED" tickets

Let me just begin by saying when we were in New York almost 5 years ago, we tried to get tickets to this show, and it was sold out. I have been wanting to see this show for at least 5 years. Well two years ago John was in Chicago for a conference and went and saw this show without me, (I probably would have done the same thing if it were me,) but needless to say I was very SAD!!! Well without my knowledge, John was able to get 2 tickets for Wicked that was showing here in Salt Lake City. His assistant Principal is a season ticket holder and was able to buy tickets last year. It was going to be a huge surprise but one one of the cute little ladies that works at the school asked me one day if I was so excited for Wicked. I had no idea what she was talking about, and John had to tell me then. It was still a great surprise. I want to see it again. I play the CD all the time. So any men out there, if you ever get the chance to take your sweetie to this--DO IT!!! My dream girls get-away weekend would to be to fly to New York on Jet Blue, see WICKED, and then shop for a day and then fly home. I know it's not reasonable but hey, a girl can dream!!!

The Wicked Program

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