Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden Snake--"JJ Conquers Bug and Critter Fear With Garden Gloves"

JJ loves his gardening gloves because it has opened the world of bugs and critters to him. He has always hated anything bug or critter related but since he got his "garden gloves" they protect him (kinda like the force with Luke Skywalker). Yesterday, my neighbor was planting her potatoes and came across 2 (yes 2) different garden snakes. Any of you that know me, know that this just puts me through the roof. I absolutely DETEST snakes but JJ wanted to hold him and handle the stupid thing, I was so amazed by this that I almost forgot my fear of this stupid reptile. Here is a litte clip of him handling this "cute little thing."--NOT!!!!!

Last night while I was bathing JJ and getting him ready for bed he said, "Mom, it's OK that your afraid of snakes cuz Indiana Jones is too." That made me smile because that man definately understands my fear and resentment of snakes. One last photo of my BIG TOUGH JJ!! (The sun was directly in his eyes and I couldn't get a shot with his eyes open.)

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