Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Break in Las Vegas and Easter in Cedar City

Yes, Spring Break was three weeks ago and I am just now posting about it. Good excuse though, I lost my camera at the Buffet in the Stratosphere and just got it back last Friday. We went down to Vegas with the Baseball team for John's High School. We spent a lot of time at the fields but we didn't mind, because the weather was delightful. We even made friends with a cute little boy whose cousin plays on the team. His name was Rodney and he was a hoot, here are some picutes that he ALLOWED us to take.

JJ Justin,and Rodney

JJ, John, Deb, and Rodney

It was so cute, after the very last game Rodney started crying because he had to say goodbye to Justin and Trevor. We had fun at the Hard Rock Cafe, the M&M and Coke Factories and In and Out Burger (YUMMY)! We stayed at the Stratosphere and had a really great room, I forgot to take pictures but the boys loved it especially JJ. We had a huge jacuzzi tub that JJ and I took advantage of while the big boys went up to the top of the Stratosphere and rode the crazy ride. Here is a picture of Justin and John. Trevor eventually had the courage to ride but the picture we have doesn't show him.

The Crazy Boys

We spent an afternoon at the pool, and the pool wasn't exactly warm but Trevor and JJ love the water so much I have to include that picture.

Big Tough Trev

Dad and JJ

On our last night in Vegas we went down to the Buffet (the one where I left my camera)and it was an All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet. It was so yummy and the Welburns definately had their share of crab legs. Justin was too cool to be in the picture but I got the other three and you can see how full our table was with the empty crab legs.

The Yummy Seafood Feast

We traveled back to Cedar City on the Saturday before Easter to spend the Holiday with the Roger's Family. Obviously I don't have pictures of that because of the lost camera situation but we had a great time. Aunt Norine saved the coloring of eggs for JJ and he sure had a great time coloring 4 dozen eggs. We watched a couple of movies and spent a lot of time catching up and visiting. Of course, Aunt Norine is Trevor's favorite cook in the world and she sure didn't disappoint us. We had a great visit and hated to say goodbye but we were able get home in time for Justin and John to get 9 holes in, (you know the important stuff!!)

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