Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trevor's Social Leadership Ball

Trevor's school has a program called Social Leadership. Over the course the year they have 5 different activities they attend where they learn to dance and display proper etiquette when eating and basic social skills. Last night was the culmination of all they have learned and they had a formal dinner and dance night. They rented a reception room in THE DISTRICT movie theaters and spent the night showing off their skills. One of the big events of the night is to have the parent of the opposite sex come and dance with the student. So here is Trevor and I "cutting up the carpet". John wasn't able to attend because it was the high school prom so our neighbor handled two cameras and didn't do a half bad job. Take a look.

Trev was a little frustrated with my dancing skills and kept telling me that I didn't know how to dance. He wanted to know how dad and I danced and I told him that we just move in small, slow circles and it works for us. I think that disgusted him. He seemed to have a great time. Justin let him borrow one of his shirts and dad lended Trev a tie so he was one HOT Trev Trev!! Here is Trev and I, don't you just think the keys hanging off my arm make the picture??

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  1. Good job Trev! Will you dance with me and take me to dinner?