Saturday, November 14, 2009

"WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!" 11-0 Football Season

WOW, what a day!!!! The Riverton Purple Bantams did it again. An Awesome game to end an Awesome season. Today was the Championship game for Trevor's Little League Team. We played Alta, and in the regular season Riverton beat them by a touchdown. We knew Alta would come out with revenge on their minds, but in the end it was Riverton with a sweet victory of 14 -7 in OVERTIME!!! I do have to say that Alta came out HOT in the first half and we were a little concerned, this was the first time that we had be held to a scoreless half. During half time the clouds started rolling in and by the start of the third quarter, the clouds started reaking their havic (SNOW!!!) Riverton scored in the third quarter and tied the game. It was a hard fought battle by both sides and when the clock ran out in the 4th quarter, the game was sent into Overtime. In Little League rules, both teams get the ball on 10 yard line and get four downs to try and score. Riverton had the ball first and was able to run the ball in on the 3rd down and get the extra point. I really thought that Alta would score from that distance but the Riverton Boys had some great blocks and tackles and Alta had a 5 yard penalty for offsides. On 4th down, we knew Alta would come out with their "guns loaded" and go for a long pass. They did but the pass was INCOMPLETE and Riverton WINS!!!!!!!! We are so happy for Trevor and his little team, they have all worked hard. CONGRATULATIONS!

The Team Mom's made these posters for the boys and brought them over to hang on their front doors:

Trevor "graciously" posing with his poster before leaving for the game:

Dad giving his boy some much "wanted" advise:

The Coin Toss:

#88 doing his thing:

Scoring the extra point to tie the game (notice the delightful weather):

Celebrating the VICTORY and shaking hands with Alta:

The "coveted" Championship Ball:

One Last "Fired Up" with Parents and Coaches included:

The "TEAM":

One HAPPY Boy:

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