Wednesday, November 4, 2009


OK, after this post, I am officially caught up on my blogging, for the moment at least. Halloween was very interesting this year. Justin and Trevor both had parties to go to and it was just JJ, John, and I, and we didn't have very many Trick or Treaters. We have had so many new houses go up around us, I guess the kids think that the BIGGER houses have bigger candy. Anyways, Justin took JJ out for about a hour and then went off to his party and I took Trevor to his party and John took JJ out for another go around. Then we just hung out and watched Football and waited until the boys returned, which wasn't until midnight. Good thing we have little JJ to still enjoy Halloween. JJ was the cutest Obi Wan Kenobi ever, and loved his glow in the dark light saber.

Strike a pose:

Bring It On Darth Vador:

Obi Wan and Big Brother:
Ready for Trick or Treating:

The Loot:

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