Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The UNDEFEATED "PURPLE BANTAM" Riverton Football Team

As you can tell, I have been a bit of a slacker in the blogging department because the whole football season has come and gone and not one football blogging moment has taken place. Trevor has been in football since the end of July. His team has had an outstanding year, they are undefeated with a record of 9 and 0!!!!! It has been a fun year with some really intense games. One was against Alta, and Grandpa Dave and Grandma Mary were there to see it and got to witness Trev lose his cookies. It was a HOT afternoon and a really physical game and Trev took a hit right to his gut and everything came out through his mouth, but the good news was that they won in the last few minutes of the game. Another intense game was against Olympus and both teams came into the game undeafted. Grandma Judy and Grandpa Dave got to see that one and Riverton pulled themselves together in the second half to gain another victory. The season has offically ended and Trevor has his first playoff game this Saturday at High Noon. Very Exciting Times for us. I put a collage together and a clip that shows Trevor to a T and how he is a major leader on this football team.

Trevor is #88:


I don't know where this enthusiam comes from, but it seems to serve him well, and he can be as loud as he wants on the football field. In fact, he was going to miss one game to go hunting with his Aunt Mandi and Uncle Curt, and we had one of the coaches call to ask us if there was anyway we could make it a win win situation (have him hunt and then pick him up for the game and then take him back to hunt after the game.) Well that wasn't going to be possible and unfortunately the decision was made for him because his aunt and uncle ended up with the swine flu. He is definately known by ALL!!!!

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