Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look what JJ lost!!!!

JJ has had a very loose, bottom tooth for a couple of weeks and today he came home from school and sat down to eat lunch and bit into an apple and got very scared because something happened to his tooth. Well big, bad, mommy just had to put her thumb in there and it fell out. Of course, the blood sent JJ into hysterics but he lived through it and was very excited to show all his friends his tooth. He ended up losing the other bottom tooth the very next week. Our neighbor, Heather, down the street, gave JJ a tooth fairy box to put his tooth in, so he could get his "reward". He was very excited to wake up. This was a big moment for JJ because most of his friends are older than him and have their birthday before him and are taller than him and so forth, anyways, he was one of the first kids in his kindergarten class and neighborhood to lose a tooth and that just thrilled him which of course thrilled me.

JJ holding his tooth:

The Tooth Fairy box:

The loot from the Tooth Fairy:

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