Monday, September 7, 2009


My first baby turned 17 today. Wow, how did that happen? He was actually born on Labor Day and today is actually Labor Day. I remember how happy we were to have Justin join our family. He was such a GOOOOOOOOOOD baby. It has been fun watching him grow and mature. Every stage of life holds it ups and downs, but Justin is a great kid with a HUGE heart. It is hard to imagine that in two years, we will be putting him on a plane going who knows where so he can be a full time missionary, (notice the positive mental thinking.) Dad ran to the store to get the dozen doughnuts for his morning breakfast which you can see made the growing teenager very happy! (John wouldn't even give me time to put the doughnuts on a tray because they had a very early Tee Time, OF COURSE!)

Yummy Doughnut Breakfast:

He got a new phone for his birthday (better than mine). Still can't figure out how that happened and a new putter. We always give the boys the choice of where they want to eat, and Justin chose, Chili's.

Justin and JJ enjoying their Chili's dinner:

I also always give the boys their choice of birthday cake. Justin asked for the huge, monster chocolate cake from Costco. The thing is that I forgot that Costco was not open on Labor Day, so we had to wait until Tuesday and the following picture is actually taken the day after his birthday but Justin wanted to wait because the Costco cake is what he wanted.

Justin and his Best Buddy with the Mambo Jambo Costco Cake:

(Notice the #1 is missing. I was sure I had put one in the cart, so use your imagination.)

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