Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yuba Lake with the Hoaldridges

Yes, we love Yuba Lake!!! We took my sis and her family out yesterday and had a hoot. I am very impressed with my sis because she hates boats and lakes and not only did she get in the boat she also got in the lake (accidentally of course.) Even with the wind, we had a great time. Trevor and Brayden had a great time on the tube and actually wanted to get flipped.
Here they are:

Getting whipped around...

Baylee was a little nervous about getting on the tube, but Nicole and I talked her into going with us (my first time on the new tube.) We had so much fun until we made it through a really rough turn and waves and accidentally got flipped when the water ran in through the front. We all survived but Baylee was out of that lake as soon as she could be.
Taking a nice ride...
Nicole and I getting brave and standing up...

Even BJ joined in on the fun...

Having a good 'ol time...

We were very surprised when Bryson (not even 2 years old), started yelling that he wanted to get on the tube (this from the same little boy that was crying because he was scared when the boat first started going.) He absolutely loved it and Ozzie and JJ joined us for the fun.

This next picture looks like Ozzie and Bryson are on the tube by themselves but Trev is actually in back maintaining balance on the tube.

You will notice there are no pictures of Justin. He has Golf tryouts all this week so we won't be seeing much of him. Here are different shots of everyone enjoying the day.

Finally, I want give a big "SHOUT OUT" for our captain. Not only is he capable but he is very HANDSOME.

Thanks for spending the afternoon with us Hoaldridge's--we'll have to do it again!!!

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  1. Thank you for such an awesome day! Thank John too for all the hard work he did too! We had so much fun and I think I may have conquered a big fear. Let's go again next summer just to see!