Friday, October 9, 2009

Family Pictures

We have not had a family picture done since JJ was one. And when we got that one,the biggest print we got was a 8 x 10. The big family picture we have hanging in the family room is when Justin was 8 and Trevor was 4. Pretty Pathetic. I have been bugging the Photographer that does the pictures for John's school about doing a family photo for us. He finally called one day and we set up the date. We decided on doing them at Memory Grove, which is right by the Capital on Saturday, October 3. Needless to say, the boys were not very happy about getting dressed up and Justin of course had better things to do. However, the mother in me came out and I trumped everybody and I think they turned out pretty good. We still haven't decided on one that we want to get blown up, but at least it is in the works. I'll just post a modge podge of the different ones I like.

This last picture, the photographer included because he thought JJ was so funny. A dog came through the bushes just as he shot the picture and it startled JJ, it makes for a great memory.

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