Sunday, June 14, 2009

EFY, Learning to Ride A Bike, and PGA Father/Son Golf Tournament

Wow, what a busy week and it's the only the first week of summer!!! Justin and his cousin Landon attended the area EFY in Sandy. They went last year and had so much fun that they wanted to go again. They have several devotionals and classes but also get to play games and dance all the while they are focused on a spiritual theme. Either of them are not much into pictures, so I only got to take a few of them the morning they left for the service project and dance. Aren't they handsome?

The whole week the boys were at EFY Aunt Norine and Taryn stayed with us. We were able to go to the Oquirrh Hills Temple Open House (my second time) and do lots of shopping, not as much buying as we would have preferred but we still had fun looking. JJ also had a big week with learning how to ride his bike. He begged his dad over a week ago to take the training wheels off and when John finally did it, JJ wanted nothing to do with the bike. I tried every bribe I could think of and nothing was working. While we were out and about, JJ would find something he could absolutely not live without at every store. I started sounding like a broken record because I kept telling him if he would learn to ride his bike I would think about getting him something. He finally got sick of that and told me that he would ride his bike when I put the training wheels back on. Well I AM pretty stubborn too, and after many bumps, scrapes, bruises, weeping, and whailing JJ has acquired the skill of riding a bike. He can now start and stop by himself and spent most of yesterday on the neighborhood street. John was so impressed that he took alot of movies with me running behind him. I look so great running in my flip flops but here is a quick clip of him riding.

You'll notice that JJ's way of stopping is to put his feet down and drag them!!! He knows how to use the brake but prefers his feet. Go figure!! Then here is some shots of the big bike rider. Dad made some homemade knee pads out of some old long socks and JJ thought those were the cat's meow.

On Saturday John, Justin, Jim, and Brayden participated in a Father Son Golf tournament up in Roy. John has been getting a kick out of these tournaments (this was their 3rd one and they have one more next week) and they all seem to have a good time. John and Justin took third in Justin's age division and Jim and Brayden took first in Brayden's age division. I don't know how I feel about this whole golfing thing because all the boys are taking an interest in it and it's not exactly a cheap sport. As we speak, Justin is off to a BYU Golf Camp for the whole week. Brayden will be joining him and hopefully they will have fun and learn a lot to help make them better golfers. It seems like just yesterday I was going to the BYU volleyball camps with my best friend Jennifer. Time is a mean thing. It never goes fast enough when you are young but will not slow down when you are older. Here are a few shots of both of the father son teams.

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